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Brainstorm and Validate Profitable Niche Website Ideas In 2021. We are going to review some tips for coming up with profitable niche website ideas by doing market research and competitor analysis.

Profitable Niche Website
Profitable Niche Website Ideas

Tip #1: Use for market research (Paid Solution) provides entrepreneurs with AI-powered tools to let them save time, boost revenue, and increase research efficiency. Their advanced solutions can help you automate sales, marketing, and market research: Leads Finder – to generate hyper-targeted leads, Influencers Discovery – to find influencers and analyze their audience and content, Competitive Intelligence – to track competitors and examine their marketing strategies, and Trend Tracking – to discover crucial market trends.

Tip #2: Use for market research

Beta List is an online platform that enables users to discover and get early access to the latest internet startups. It enables entrepreneurs to advertise about their startup launches to an audience of early adopters who are ready to provide them with feedback. You should use to do market research for potential ideas for niche website ideas especially if you’re in the SaaS internet startup space.

Tip #3: Use for profitable niche website ideas (recommended)

Google Trends is a free market analysis tool that will show you popular searches.

This will help your niche website business get to the nitty-gritty of market research, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you have an idea you want to expand on, the Google Trends search tool allows you to conduct trends research on any topic or keyword you might have in mind.

You can see a variety of data on search volume in real-time and also view the trends over a time span to help you determine search interests over time. You can do research using free tools like Google trends that allows you to make strategic decisions that will absolutely help you make big decisions and save time and energy when brainstorming profitable niche website ideas for your online business.

Competitor Analysis To Discover Profitable Niche Website Ideas

Analyze your competition’s positioning with free tools – Similarweb and SEMrush Analyze your competition’s social proof with tools like – AnswerThePublic Study the trends in your market/niche use – Ubersuggest

Tip #4: Use SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is popularly leveraged as a web measurement and competitive intelligence tool. Through its analytics tools, keep a close eye on your overall business health, monitor developing opportunities, and progressively improve decision-making processes.

The best feature of this tool is its ability to assess other similar sites in your niche. The consequent spying process gathers critical intelligence for benchmarking your site’s performance and learning about proven business techniques, plus new growth opportunities in you market or niche.

Tip #5: Use SEMrush

SEMrush is more of a holistic suite for managing digital marketing. It basically facilitates traffic analysis of several marketing channels to inform the subsequent decision-making processes.

Then, through its auditing tool, marketers and niche website builders are able to identify possible SEO weaknesses. Rectifying those helps reposition a site in the search engine rankings.

Most importantly, SEMrush will help you gain valuable leverage over a rival competitor’s niche website by providing critical insight into their digital marketing campaigns, plus subjects that interest your target customers.

Tip #6: Use for competitor analysis. Find out who provides the answers to the questions your potential visitors or customers are asking.

AnswerThePublic can help you literally “listen into” autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly give you all the useful phrases and questions people are asking around your keyword. It’s a great resource for consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products, and services for your niche website business.

Tip #7: Use Ubersuggest (Recommended)

When looking at your competition, there are three things you want to focus on:

  • Top keywords
  • Number of backlinks and where they come from
  • Top pages

Ubersuggest makes it easy to quickly analyze the above information. You will be able to adjust your strategy with the idea of outranking your competitors. Here are the three steps:

  • Step #1: Enter Your Competitor’s URL and Click “Search”
  • Step #2: Click “Keywords” in the Left Sidebar
  • Step #3: Review the Keyword List

View the keywords the sites are ranking for and get a clear idea of what keyword they are targeting and where their traffic is coming from. In addition to the keyword list, there are four other columns:

  • Volume – the average monthly search volume of the keyword
  • Position – the position the URL is ranked in Google search
  • Estimated visits -the estimated traffic the webpage gets for the keyword
  • SD – the estimated competition in organic search

You can then click on a keyword to learn more about profitable niche website ideas:

  • This provides more information on the top 100 URLs in Google search for the keyword. The left column displays the ranking, with the others sharing:
  • Estimated visits – the estimated traffic the webpage gets for the keyword
  • Links – the number of backlinks from other websites
  • DS – the overall strength of the website, scored from 1 (low) to 100 (high)
  • Social shares – the total number of times the URL was shared on social

Learn more about your competitor’s profile by clicking on “Backlinks.” You’ll find:

  • Domain score – the overall strength of the website, scored from 1 (low) to 100 (high)
  • Backlinks – the overall number of backlinks to the website
  • Referring domains – the number of unique domains linking back to the website
  • Backlinks over time – a graph showing backlink growth

Scroll down the page to the “Backlinks” section: This section displays every incoming link to your competitor’s site. You can use this list to target the same websites with hopes that they’ll link to yours, too.

Finally, know your competitor’s top pages. To find this click on “Top Pages” in the left sidebar:

  • In addition to the title and hyperlink for every page, you’ll also find:
  • Estimated visits – the estimated traffic the webpage gets for the keyword
  • Backlinks – the number of backlinks from other websites
  • Social shares – the number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest

Never guess about your competitor’s SEO strategy, know their top keywords, top pages, and where their backlinks are coming from with ubbersuggest.

Click here to learn how you can use SEOPress Pro to track your Keywords inside Niche Website Builder.

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