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Guide for the niche website creator. 7 detailed tips to help you know your niche audience. A Niche Website Creator’s Marketing Strategy For Getting To Know Your Target Audience.

In this guide, you will learn how to mingle with your potential audience and customers by opened Networks. “Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gatherings around to hear Jesus. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” (Luke 15: 1, 2 NIV)

Jesus hung out with sinners. He became a part of the community where His target audience hangs out, He joined the groups and forums where they are asking questions. You need to do the very same thing if you want to get to know your audience.

We will look at how research allows you to know your target audience. How an online needs assessment or survey can be used to identify the needs of potential customers, highlighting their problems…and what practical solutions they are looking for that you can provide a solution when building your niche website. 

So, before you begin designing or creating a product or service or start creating your own niche website builder platform, you need to make sure you collect and have the main elements you need. You do this by using interviews, surveys, and questions.

niche website creator
niche website creator

1. Interview, Survey, and Question your Target Audience To Assess their Needs 

When you interview or question your target audience, you sometimes hear their feedback and immediately begin to solve the problem by creating a product or service. But, you can’t do that until  you have all the necessary information. Otherwise, you might create something entirely wrong for that target audience.  You need to know first, who your audience is.

This is how you develop the idea and concept for the solution they need based on the problem they presently face. You also need to know how your target audience solves the present problems they are facing and where they are going to find the solutions.  

2. Find the pain and frustrations. What challenges is your target audience experiencing?

You’re a serious niche website creator so you want to listen carefully to your target audience to determine what they are saying and feeling. Whom they are saying it to, and how they get the message across-what channels are they using (blogs, social media, forums, etc.). Getting to the right solution that solves the problems your target audience is experiencing may take time, you MUST mingle and open networks;

You need to question your target audience to learn as much as possible about their wants, needs, and what makes them unique. 

You need to know your target audience’s world as well as they do, be in the groups, networks, forums, social and online communities where they meet.

 You need to spend time with them, and try to really hear what they’re saying and the frustrations they are expressing or feeling. 

3. As a niche website creator. Ask the right questions.

Asking the right question will always yield the right results.

  • I may ask you, who cuts your lawn? And you might answer, Omar. Do you want Omar’s contact? If I ask you, what happened to your lawn? It’s an entirely different question. 
  • These are the basic questions that need answers. 
  • What’s the demographics of your target audience?. 
  • What’s your target audience budget? How much do they typically pay for a similar product or service?
  • When do they receive similar services? When does the target audience have a similar product delivered to them in their hands? This allows you to determine a schedule if you ever need one.
  • How will it be distributed? Does the target audience plan on receiving your service or products via mailing through the Postal Service? If so, this will impact the size and weight. If not, is it digital? Is there an existing copy that will be downloaded over a set period of time?
  • Are the products or services of decent quality?

Even though these products and services exist already on the market, they may not work for your target audience. You need to know this before beginning to create the product or service so you can differentiate your offerings from the competition. Know the competition. 

4. How to determine your target audience as a niche website creator and builder

It’s not practical to target everyone in a market or niche, it’s always best to define your audience. However, targeting a specific market does not mean saying no to others. It is a way to use your key resources as efficiently as possible to get the most from your marketing and sales effort. 

When you want to have a better understanding of your target audience, ask them directly the following questions;

  • Who is your existing provider? 
  • Is that the provider you want? 
  • How does my proposed solution match up with your current provider? 
  • In five years, do you want to maintain the current provider or change it? 
  • Are you willing to pre-order my services and product NOW before the launch? This question is key to provide valuable feedback. When individuals actually pre-order your products and services before the launch, this provides proof of concept.

Define the audience with simple demographic information

  •  Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income level
  • Occupation
  • and Ethnicity

You also need to look at their values, goals, and fears. 

5. What is their personality and lifestyle? 

Values, goals, and fears can encompass political, cultural, and religious issues. Creating an expensive product or service with gold lining will not be successful if the audience is deeply concerned about sustainability.

As a niche website creator knowing your target audience values, goals and fears will help you focus on meeting their needs and alleviate any negative concerns in the solutions you will provide. Luxury doesn’t always mean that the product and service are elegant in its usefulness and functionality. Understanding the personality and lifestyle of your target audience will help you determine the value proposition of the product or services you plan on offering. 

For example, is an elegant custom gift and packaging startup I co-founded in 2015, our boxes are priced mid-range to expensive, we obviously focus on people who can afford the product and value quality.

Now, we know that the materials and services we create cannot ever be cheap or flimsy and we hope the perception of our brand communicates excellence. We have clients with a strong target base of urban and corporate professionals including resorts, hotels, wedding planners and individuals interested in giving a unique and memorable gift. 

6. Identifying Your Target Audience’s Functional And Emotional Needs 

Now, imagine if you were the founder of the elegant gift company Would you spend money advertising in teen newspapers or at high schools, likely not. Probably because the average teen can’t afford it. It’s no rocket science that you will market your product to people who find your offer enticing, appealing, and affordable.

Who are the people, communities, companies, industries, that will enjoy your brand experience and will need to get your products and services as a niche website creator and builder? Who do you find easiest to work with, you and them just click? You always want to be specific about these people. 

Your target audience are looking for someone just like you, 

Your target audience are looking for someone with your skills, and your traits, and your values.

Once you identify who that audience is then it’s time to identify their Functional, and Emotional needs. For example, 

I’m looking for a vegan meal and a tasty non-dairy treat. I go to My Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant. They have cooked food, yam, and baked potatoes, with broad beans and pumpkin stew. They have soy I-cream treats in coconut flavor, my favorite? My Functional needs are met, I am vegetarian and need to eat.

But the reason I go to My favorite vegetarian restaurant and remain a loyal consumer of their brand and products is that they meet my Emotional needs. I feel like family when I enter through the door, they know my name, my favorite meals, and there’s always friendly conversions all round. And I really enjoy their food. I am emotionally attached to the sense of community and culture they have created.

Identify the Functional, and Emotional needs of your target audience as niche website creator and builder is essential.

7. As a niche website creator use buzz phrases

When you’re researching and mingling with your target audience it’s really important to understand,  what is it that they need you to provide or deliver? They probably just need you to be on time, and on budget and have certain technical skills. But just as important, what do they need to feel from the experiences they have with your brand, the product is services? People want to feel safe and they want to trust you. What emotional connection will the target audience make with your brand that will build relationships, and deepen your influence and relevance? 

As you mingle and interact with your target audience, pay attention to the words they use to describe their pains and frustrations, joys, and thrills of what they are feeling and need to feel. Write them down, you will need to use them to attract your target audience as someone who understands their needs. These are the buzz phrases you are going to use in your own niche website, copy, on your landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, etc. to put yourself in the best possible light, in the best situation, to start that relationship with your target audience? As a niche website creator, you need to start mingling.

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