Niche Website Brand

Successfully Set The Foundation For Creating A Compelling and Approachable Niche Website Brand Or Online Business By Desiring The Good Of Others

Niche Website Brand
Niche Website Brand

Tip #1: An Approachable Online Business Brand Or Niche Website Brand Should Always Be Others-Centered

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:” (Phil. 2: 3-5. NIV)

Always try to help and make every effort to be courteous and kind. Start answering questions that your target audience is asking in the communities where they frequent online, in forums, blogs, on social media, etc, frequent yourself in these communities, be known. Network with influencers in your niche or industry.

  • Wish the best for others
  • Sharing what you know
  • Connect with influencers
  • Teach everything you know
  • Create a value proposition for your potential visitors and customers

Tip #2: Creating A Compelling and Approachable Online Business Brand

Always remember that your ability to be successful in your business directly corresponds to your ability to make and maintain influence. Building and maintaining influence requires a strong and compelling personal brand.

So what is a online business brand or niche website brand? 

A brand is an expectation of an experience. 

It helps your target audience understand what they will feel when interacting with you as an entrepreneur online.

How will they feel if they hire you, or read your articles, or purchase your products or services? Your personal brand or in this case your niche website brand is your online reputation, it’s how people will remember you. It tells people what they can expect from interacting or ‘mingling’ with you. Your brand equals you, you are your brand. 

Going through the process of creating an online business brand that’s compelling and approachable, will result in you having a unique competitive advantage. Your online business branding should be all about desiring the good of others. Desiring the good of others will allow you to become an authority, which means having influence. So online branding gives your target audience a sense that you are in control. 

Online business branding is how people feel, the emotional side of things, about you and the products and services you are offering online, and it gives you that sense of intention and strategy to make decisions as you build your online business or niche website brand.

Teaching everything you know on a topic in your industry, is one of the best strategies in creating a niche website brand that’s compelling and approachable. Teaching is also the best way to convince your target audience that you care about their needs by providing solutions to their pains and everyday challenges. Teaching is also a strategy that will allow you to become an authority easily.  

Tip #3: Creating a Strategy That Will Define Your “Niche Website Brand”

There’s a difference between, what you are and who you are, and your niche website brand is more about who you are. Your niche website brand is defined by what you do, not want you can do, so your clothes, job title, certifications, degrees, and your resume does not automatically make your online brand approachable and compelling. Your online brand tells your target audience what you stand for, what you believe in, and how you can offer them value. 

How do you want to be known? You need a strategy to be remembered the way you want. This will help you stay consistent in your behavior and appearance online and in person, to reinforce that brand. Always remember that consistency is more important than perfection when defining your online business brand.

Your niche website business needs to have a reputation for putting people first. Desiring the good of others also means you are others-centered. Let this be the way your brand is known naturally. Jesus is known as the greatest personality and influencer who ever lived. His personal brand is remembered today because he arguably did one thing very well, Jesus in humility value others above himself, that was his mindset, the ultimate expression of this mindset was His death on the cross and while He was alive He taught everything necessary for the salvation of humanity. Let this mind also be in you.

Tip #4: Networking your niche website brand or online business brand 

You can network anywhere; at trade shows, industry-related meetings, on an airplane, or a business event. Your networking should be intentional. Your networking strategy should meet your online business brand goals. What are some networking goals you should be setting;

  • Connect with people in your industry we call decision makers.
  • Connect with people in your industry we call call information sources. 

Information sources are people who may not be decision-makers, but they have insight and industry information, they know a lot about trends in different areas of your business, and they can really add value when you try to improve your competitive advantage.

Connect with people who are supportive, encouraging, and will be your allies and your advocates in promoting and supporting your online business brand.

Any networking relationship has to be mutually beneficial. It’s not just about what I can do for you or how you can help me. It has to be reciprocal and mural. So when you identify who you need to know and where they are, then your networking strategy allows you to build relationships to connect you to those people or those communities.

Networking is a relationship tool an opportunity for you to focus on others and not yourself. It allows you to highlight your value proposition, based on your values, and stand apart from the competition in a way you design and control. 


Do the following three things when building an intentional networking strategy that’s people centered. 

Number 1: Become A Resource Person Yourself. Building a relationship and meeting your contacts by providing them with industry-related resources they will find valuable. By just focusing on what you need is never a good way to build a relationship. Providing some type of resource are service for free will allow your network contacts to be grateful and stay connected to you and see you as valuable. 

  • Write down 250 topics in your industry that your target audience will find valuable as a giveaway resource

Number 2: Think about the following Content Formats where Your Free Resources will live online.

  • 150 “extremely” irresistible and valuable blog post 
  • 10 created PDF or ebook
  • 10 of your topics transformed into a 5-day Email course (autoresponder)
  • 20 created video or audio recording on the topic
  • 50 guest post (minimum)

Number 3: Following Up Regularly With Your Network. Networking is not a one-time thing that you use to get something when you need it. It’s about building a relationship that will come back to reward you over time as your Ministry or Social Enterprice grows and you find additional ways of building a mutually beneficial relationship with those contacts. 

Number 4: Always Be Genuine And Transparent. Transparency and genuineness is important for networking. If you show that you’re real and human and you have hopes and dreams and you have questions, you share your ups and downs, people are going to want to help you and follow you. They’ll want to be a part of your business journey. If they suspect that there are ulterior motives or somehow you’re not being genuine or transparent, people will start putting up their guard. So be authentic and engage your network in helping you build a business that meets your brand objectives.

Number 5: Be intentional about how you plan on expressing transparency and genuineness. Choose an approach that best fits with your industry and brand objectives. Check out the four examples I recommend and used for my own business;

  • Story Telling. Tell a compelling story about your brand on your website. Communicating how your products are services will solve the pains and frustrations of your target audience. Connect with them on an emotional level. Creating a customer avatar will help to tell better stories. Click to read my article on how to do so.
  • Hopes and Dreams. In your blog post share your business plans with your loyal customers incorporating their suggestions and recommendations
  • Questions. Always answer questions your customers are asking across multiple channels
  • Reports. Regularly share your ups and downs with your loyal customers, they want to be a part of your business journey.

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