Why Do I Need To Create An External Cron Job?

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What is CRON?

Cron is what performs scheduled tasks in the backend of your site, like…

  • Sending emails or processing funnels
  • Publishing scheduled posts
  • Checking for plugin updates

The problem with internal WP Cron.

The internal WP Cron system built into WordPress is actually a FAKE pseudo cron system.

The way it works is every time someone visits your website, meaning any public traffic, a second request is loaded and requests the wp-cron.php file.

This means for every visitor, your site is loaded twice. If you have a high traffic site, your site can timeout because of too many requests in a short period of time.

But if you have too little traffic, the wp-cron.php file will never be loaded, meaning scheduled tasks like sending emails will never run.

The solution!

Cron Setup with WP Offload SES

WP Offload SES relies heavily on cron functioning correctly for background processing, which allows long- running tasks to complete without having any negative impact on your users.

You’ll need to configure the cron yourself to get the best performance for WP Offload SES. This doc will walk you through the process.

Out of the box WordPress checks for cron jobs on every single page load by firing a request off to wp-cron.php, which is very inaccurate. If a site doesn’t receive any visits for a set amount of time, cron will not run during this period. This is also true of sites that implement full page caching, as WordPress is generally bypassed. Basic auth and some security plugins can also restrict cron if not correctly configured.

Cron Services

There are various cron services available and most offer a free plan, however, the free plans usually limit the frequency in which cron jobs can be scheduled.

Sign up for an account at your chosen provider and proceed to create your first cron job.

My cron jobs - EasyCron.com 2

Enter the URL to your site’s cron file. The free plan at www.easycron.com limits cron jobs to 10 minute intervals.

My cron jobs - EasyCron.com

Cron will now fire every 10 minutes (we recommend setting your CRON to 1 minute), regardless of whether or not any visits are received.

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