Why Do I Need An SMTP Service?

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What is an SMTP service?

An SMTP service is like a gateway. You send an email to this service and then they take care of delivering that email to the recipient.

The SMTP service provides credibility and strong deliverability, as well as analytics about how customers are consuming the sent email content.

Why do I need an SMTP service?

Without an SMTP service email sent from your WordPress site is sent by your hosting company’s email server.

Most hosting email servers use Shared IPs. The problem with shared IPs is that hosting companies do not manage their sender reputation, so a lot of them end up on blacklists and have very poor deliverability.

SMTPs manage their list of IPs closely and rotate the IPs if there is an issue. They also maintain close relationships with all major ESPs like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

What SMTP service should I use?

We use and recommend AWS.

Learn how to setup your own AWS here.

In conclusion,

If you want to have your email reach the customer’s inbox, use your own AWS SMTP service.

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