Why are My Contacts Unmarketable?

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What does Marketable/Unmarketable Mean?

In Groundhogg, a contact can either be Marketable or Unmarketable.

An Unmarktable contact will NOT receive any marketing from Groundhogg, while a Marketable contact will.

The difference lies in whether the contact’s optin status matches the required level of compliance you require.

How does a contact become Unmarketable?

If you are getting opt-ins, but your contacts are unmarketable, that means that your level of compliance is too strict for the amount of information you are collecting.

This is usually caused by having STRICT GDPR COMPLIANCE enabled in the settings, but you are not collecting GDPR compliance or you did not import your contacts with GDPR compliance.

In most cases, disabling the above option will result in contacts becoming marketable again.

If you need to have strict GDPR compliance, make sure you are following these GDPR rules.

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