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Introduction To SMS

Groundhogg’s amazing stacks provides access to SMS marketing along with email marketing. 

You can enable SMS marketing in Groundhogg by activating the SMS plugin on your website.

Once you successfully activate the SMS plugin you will be able to see a new section under Groundhogg. Using this section you can create a new SMS template. 

Groundhogg SMS supports the replacement code where you can send personalized SMS to contacts.

With the SMS plugin, Groundhogg adds actions where you can send emails from the funnel.

NOTE: You will need at least one service plugin to send SMS to contact.(ex: Twilio or SMS77 etc.)

Groundhogg SMS also provides the functionality of link tracking. This feature restructures the links and if you want to turn it off you can do so by using the tracking link option in the Groundhogg settings area under the SMS tab.

When Groundhogg sends SMS to the customer it will add a blog name in front of SMS so users can identify where it is coming from. You can also disable this feature by enabling remove website name option in the settings area.

When Groundhogg sends SMS it fetches the contact’s country from contact metadata. If the contact does not have a country, it is set to the USA by default.

You can set a different default country for contact according to your need by setting the default country option.

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