3. KandenceWP Forms, Groundhogg Email Sending & SMTP Setup Using AWS

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This guide aims to help you start sending your site emails through Amazon SES as quickly as possible.

This article covers the following steps:

  1. Login to the AWS Console
  2. Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) User
  3. Saving the AWS User’s access details for Groundhogg AWS integration (Also needed to send emails with KadenceWP Forms)
  4. Configure Groundhogg to send emails through Amazon SES

Login to the AWS Console (You Need An AWS to send emails on Niche Website Builder)

Already have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account? Sign in here.

If you don’t have an AWS account yet, you will need to sign up here.

Create an IAM User

Once you have logged into the console, you will need to create a new IAM user:

Navigate to the IAM Users page in the AWS Console, click the Add user button.

Enter a name for the user in the User name field.

Names are case insensitive and must be unique within your AWS account. User names can be a combination of up to 64 letters, digits, and these characters: plus (+), equal (=), comma (,), period (.), at sign (@), and hyphen (-).

Under Access type select the checkbox for Programmatic access, then click the Next: Permissionsbutton.

Create an IAM User

To allow the new user to verify new senders and send emails via SES, you need to grant it specific permissions.

Click the “Attach existing policies directly” button, and then enter “ses” in the filter policies input box.

Select the “AmazonSesFullAccess” policy, then click the Next: Review button at the bottom of the page.

IAM User - Add Permissions

If everything looks good, click the Create user button.

Review IAM User

You will be shown the security credentials for the user, which consists of an Access Key ID and a Secret Access Key. Amazon will not show these again so please download them as a .csv and also copy them somewhere safe. If you lose them, you can always create a new set of keys from the console but you cannot retrieve the secret key again later.

IAM User - Save Access Keys

Set Your Access Keys

1. Set Your API Keys

Copy your API keys from AWS and add them to your site in the settings.

It is important the keys you are using have the following permissions for the integration to work.

  • AmazonSNSFullAccess
  • AmazonSESFullAccess

2. Choose Which Services You Want to Use

You can send both email and SMS with AWS, you can enable these services separately.

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