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To Start Sending Emails You MUST set up SMTP & CRON Jobs. We give you two SMTP options (AWS and SendGrid Integration), choose only one SMTP method to integrate with on our platform, and we recommend you use EasyCron to set up your CRON Jobs;

  1. MailHark Integration (Coming Soon)
  2. AWS Integration (Intermediate/Advanced)
  3. SendGrid Integration (Easy)
  4. EasyCron Cron Job Setup (Easy)
  5. Test Your Cron Job Setup

1. SMTP Setup with MailHark Integration (Coming Soon)

MailHawk is a Good Choice for Niche Website Builder’s WordPress sites sending emails because it is created by the same company that made Groundhogg! It Allows You To Sennd Marketing Email, Password Reset Emails, WooCommerce Emails, New Account Emails & More!

2. SMTP Setup with AWS Integration

You will need to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) User account. CLICK HERE to read our documentation on how to set up your AWS account.

Sending large quantities of email and text messages?

Then it might be time to use your own AWS account so you can scale up!

This integration allows you to use your own AWS account to send Emails & SMS through the SES & SNS Api.

When you install this integration and setup your keys, the plugin will automatically register your domain, bounce and compliant handlers and more so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Yes, we really thought of everything.

Manage your sender identities from WordPress.

Add new senders from WordPress

Easily test your email and sms connectivity.

Keep an eye on your SES activity.

Minimal settings to get you up and running fast!

3. SMTP Setup with SendGrid Integration

Send email faster with the SendGrid API!

Do you use SMTP to send your email? SMTP is an old and slow protocol for delivering email.

If you use SendGrid to send email you can now easily make use of their REST API to deliver your email much faster and more reliably.

Bounce and Spam detection!

One of the cool things about our integration is that with it Groundhogg can be informed by SendGrid when emails bounce or contacts mark them as spam. This way Groundhogg can automatically update the contact’s email preference to stop sending them email.

4. Easy Cron Job Setup

Cron Services

There are various cron services available and most offer a free plan, however, the free plans usually limit the frequency in which cron jobs can be scheduled.

Sign up for an account at your chosen provider and proceed to create your first cron job.

My cron jobs - 2

Enter the URL to your site’s cron file. The free plan at limits cron jobs to 10 minute intervals.

CRON Jobs Needed For WordPress, TutorLMS, KadenceWP Forms, and Groundhogg CRM

NOTE: In order to send automated transactional emails on our platform please add CRON jobs for the following URL’s
My cron jobs -

Cron will now fire every 10 minutes (we recommend setting ALL your CRON JOBS to 1 minute), regardless of whether or not any visits are received.

5. Test your CRON Job setup inside Groundhogg CRM

Go to Groundhogg CRM and click on -Tools and select – Get Started.

If you added the URL correctly to EasyCron all your files will be installed. Click Here for help

Check your URLs and verify your setup.

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