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Introduction to Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is one of the most effective ways to find your most likely “ready to buy” customers. The largest organizations in the world use lead scoring to determine when it’s the right time to send you a promotion, exclusive offer or to upsell you to a better product.

Usually, lead scoring comes bundled with the world’s priciest software packages. But now you can use our cost-effective and easy to set up a system to help you determine your ready buyers in just a few minutes. 

Creating Lead Score Rule

Using Groundhogg’s lead scoring plugin, you can define the rules based on which points will be added or subtracted from the contact’s lead score.

These rules are based on the different actions performed by the user.

To define the rules go to the lead score page and click on the Add Rule button. this will open the new screen where you can define all the details. 

On this page, you can define a configuration of the rule like points to add or subtract or the action based on the rule type. 

You can also edit a rule by clicking on the rule name.

Viewing The Lead Score Value Of The Contact

You can view the lead score value of a specific contact by opening the contact details.

Defining Point Levels

The lead score plugin comes with defined points but you can set custom point value for a level by updating them under the Lead Score settings area.

Tag Management

The lead score plugin comes with its own tags which will be applied to a contact based on the points scored by the contact.

These tags are pre-defined but you can update those under the Groundhogg> Settings > Tag section. 

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