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Kadence Woo Extras gives you powerful options to help drive your web-store’s sales.  One great feature of Woo Extras is the added ability to personalize the way your product variations are displayed. Through customizable drop downs and radio buttons, you’ll be given an array of options that will help you better connect your customer to the product.

Getting Activated

First activate the Kadence Woo Extras plugin and go into the “Woo Extras” menu in the bottom left corner of your screen.

There you can click on “Variation Swatches” and enable them for your site. Once enabled, configure the default settings for your site.

WooExtras Variation Swatches
Variation Swatch Settings

Configure Product Variations

Before you can show variations on your single-product page, you first must configure a set of variations in “Attributes” under “Product Data.” For example, see the variation below:

Add Product Variations

After you’ve setup your product variations, you’ll need to set the price for each of your variations:

Swatch Attributes

After you’ve configured your variations, you can save the product, and the variation will use your default settings.  There are, however, options to setup the swatches to display differently for individual products.  By clicking on the “Variation Swatches” tab under “Product Data,” you will open up the swatch options for each single-product.

Variation Swatch Settings

Once you have your swatches configured, preview your product to make sure your settings are reflected:

Variation Swatches Shown

Variation Styles

Displayed below are the styling options available for your product variations.


Variation Dropdown

Variation Radio Boxes:

Variation Radio Boxes

Variation Color Swatches:

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