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Kadence WooCommerce Extras features the ability to customize how your galleries appear for your products.  It also enables you to replace the product gallery with a slider.

Getting Activated

First activate the Kadence Woo Extras plugin and go into the “Woo Extras” menu in the bottom left corner of your screen.

There you can click on “Product Gallery” and enable them for your site. Once enabled, configure the default settings for your site.

WooExtras Product Gallery
Product Gallery Settings

WooExtras Galleries allows you to set where your product gallery thumbnails are placed.

Beside Right
Gallery Beside Right
Beside Left
Gallery Beside Left
Gallery Below

Set Main Image Width

Main Image Width

Set Product Image Ratio

Main Image Ratio

Product Image Zoom

Enabling Product Image Zoom allows you to magnify product images without having to click to a lightbox. Note that slider arrows do not show with zoom on.

Magnify Window Next to Product Image

Image Zoom Beside

Magnify Window On Product Image

Image Zoom Overlay
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