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Groundhogg provides the functionality to add custom fields for a contact. Users can add custom fields using the custom info section of contact.

In some cases, custom information for the contact is added by extension plugins. You can track changes in this field and run automation based on the changes using the Field Changed add-on.

To get started you need to go to Groundhogg’s official website and download the Pro Features add-on ( click here) and install it on your website. 

Once you successfully integrated the Groundhogg features you will be able to see a new benchmark inside your funnel builder.

This benchmark contains two different settings options “Which Filed” and “When Set To” settings. 

“Which Field” settings contain details about the filed which users want to track changes for. 

“When Set To” settings are used to validate the custom value is set to the given value. If no value is set then this benchmark will run every time the value of the field changes.

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