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Superlinks are a helpful tool for filling in automation gaps based on subscriber interaction with your content.

Essentially, they allow you to add tags to a contact record when that contact clicks a specific link!

A use case for Superlinks

Let’s say you send out a broadcast email with a call to action. You want to tag everyone who clicked the CTA link with the tag “Clicked CTA,” you would use a superlink to tag the contact and then redirect them to the intended destination of your CTA. 

Create a Superlink

To create a superlink go to Groundhogg > Superlinks and the form to add a new superlink will be on the left-hand side.

Give your superlink a name, a target URL (where the contact is sent when clicking the link) and select which tags you want to apply to the contact when they click the link.

Edit a Superlink

If you want to change the target URL or the tags associated with a superlink simply search it by name and click on it in the table on the right.

You can then edit any superlink settings.

Embed a Superlink

You can use Superlinks anywhere on your site!

  • Broadcast emails
  • Funnel emails
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Lessons


All you have to do is copy the Source URL or the Replacement Code and use them appropriately.

You can copy the Source URL and use it as a regular link in place of the actual Target URL.

You can also use the replacement code anywhere replacements are accepted.

Note: the replacement code will simply embed the Source URL. There is no functional difference.

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