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How to Backup Groundhogg

The Backup & Restore extension provides a simple way for you to backup Groundhogg safely and restore it without having to make any other changes to your site. 

Backing up Groundhogg

To backup Groundhogg go to Groundhogg > Tools > Backup. 

When ready click the big backup button!

You can optionally change the database prefix if you are migrating to a new site with a different table name structure.

Once the backup is complete you will need to download the file to your computer. Downloading the backup file will remove it from your server instantly.

How to Restore Groundhogg From a Backup

Need to restore a Groundhogg Backup? It’s super simple!

Restore Groundhogg.

Go to Groundhogg > Tools > Backup & Restore.

At the bottom of the form, select your backup file and then click Import.

That’s it! The rest is automatic.

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