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We help Seventh-Day Adventist churches, Christian startups, and ministries to increase their reach and influence through digital evangelism.

We Help Adventist Churches, Ministries & Startups Thrive Online With

Digital Evangelism Strategies

Are you looking for a way to reach more people?

Our Digital Evangelism Roadmap is a digital evangelism process that helps churches, Christian businesses, and ministries to increase their influence through digital evangelism. Our goal is to help you reach more people with the three angles message of Christ by providing you with the tools and training needed to do so.

Digital Evangelism Roadmap Follows Christ’s Method Alone

The Most Effective Digital Evangelism Method.

Once implemented, the Digital Evangelism Roadmap will change the way you connect with your target audience, customers and church members.

Do You Want To Expand Your Reach?
Most churches, Christian businesses, and ministries only reach the people in their local area or country. Learn how to reach millions of potential members while still being targeted and focus on your mission!

Do You Want To Build A Global Community?
There’s someone out there searching for the message, services and products that only you can give. Let us teach you how to create content that is discoverable.

Do You Want To Become An Influencer For Christ?
People are looking for influencers to help them navigate life. Learn how to use the power of Christ’s Method Alone on the internet to become an influencer and finish God’s work in this generation.

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let us secure your niche and authority website in easily

For Such A Time As This!

Adventist! Set Goals & Get Results Fast.

We help coaches reach more clients
Create Paid/Free Courses And Marketing Funnels In One Place

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Create an online hub

Set up customizable Link Pages for your social media bio as a directory for all things potential clients might need to know before they hire you. Add quick links to your coaching packages, your paid and free online courses, and your coaching program built on our platform.

Give away freebies

The quickest way to show off your value? Show them exactly what you can do…for free. Offering a free automatic download through an opt-in form lets your potential clients get a real feel for how you can help them reach their goals.

Adventist Churches & Ministries
Connect with your MEMBERS and supporters
We Help Ministries and Churches share the gospel effectively.

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Engage Your Supporters: Create customizable campaign pages for your church or ministry, virtual worship sessions, or conference memberships with a simple checkout flow with WooCommerse, Groundhogg CRM, GiveWP and KadenceWp Form Builder.Bible Lessons: We make creating and marketing your Bible Studies easy. Teach and Engage your bible students with Private Messaging and comments.

Collect Donations & Promote Like A Pro: Create automated email flows based on your members’ interests to promote your campaigns, get them excited about upcoming events, sell tickets, or simply keep supporters up-to-date on what’s happening next.

The easiest way to build your author platform
Connect with your readers, grow your following, and earn a living from your writing

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Create your unique home

Create and share your website in just a few clicks. Choose from a range of beautifully crafted starter sites and landing page templates, personalize your site with photos and links, share reader recommendations, and promote your books. Easily set up a starter template with Niche Website Builder.

Create A Buzz

The best way to create buzz around your writing? Sharing free goodies. Our automated opt-in forms and incentive emails let you offer free chapters and other bonus content so you can entice readers to join your list with our CRM.

WooCommerce, Sensei LMS, Groundhogg’s Simple Payment, Google Ads

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Sell Digital and Physical Products With WooCommerse

With the Niche Website Platform, You can technically sell anything on your site that compliments your content. Whether you want to sell restricted content, subscriptions, and paid courses

Or you want to start your own e-commerce store with a blog to sell physical products, we give you the tools to do so. Monetize your content with Google Ads and manage it with Google Site Kit inside your WordPress dashboard. All you need for your startup is to build a successful niche website and authority site in one place.


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