Create Loyal Customers

3 Things You Can Do To Create Loyal Customers? After you’ve made the sale, the customer experience should not end the purchase, your job is not over.

You need to know that the way you treat customers after they give you their money will determine if they will become repeat customers and recommend your brand to others. So let’s talk about what you can do to make sure your new customer will be a repeat customer again and again.

Inform your customers regularly. keeping a customer informed after they make a purchase is vital for any business by using follow up communications, such as;

  • discount offers
  • reward points, or 
  • thank-you messages. 

You need to give your customers a voice. You can use a survey form inside our Niche Website Builder to collect customer feedback right away. Let your customers know that their feedback is important to your business by allowing them to complete surveys that prove to them that you value their opinions. Using satisfaction surveys gives your customers a place to voice their opinions and complaints about the buying process or suggest service improvements. Click to implement this now on your website.

Take insights from the survey feedback and take action. Let your customers know, communicate these changes on your website and social media sites, that they have been heard and you have made the changes they have suggested. You also need to encourage additional feedback on how to make your business better, which benefits everyone. 

Follow up purchases with educational emails. Use your emails to provide teaching materials such as guides, how-tos, tips, and advice to accelerate customers’ usage of your product or service. The more of an expert your customers become because of your educational materials the happier they are and the more likely they’ll be to recommend to someone else. 

Implementing the above suggestions also gives you an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell items and add-ons or enhancements to your customers. You will be surprised at how many companies out there are not doing these obvious things to create customer loyalty, but you can engage your customers and let them know their business and their opinions matter and separate yourself from the competition.

Create Loyal Customers
Create Loyal Customers

Create Loyal Customers With A Tailored Reward Program

You need to keep your customers engaged and loyal to grow your business, here are some ideas for you to implement to make your customers feel apart of your brand. Do this by incentivizing repeated business by giving something back to customers. You do this by creating a reward program;

  • like earning a point for every dollar you spend
  • You can offer free items,discounts or some sort of special treatment. 
  • Your reward program should be simple to understand and rewards attainable.
  • Make your loyal customers feel special by giving them the VIP treatment offering them exclusive benefits. This could be;
    • Early access to new products
    • Exclusive sales offers
    • Special discounts
    • Tier benefits such as having bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels to encourage sales. 

Make your reward program fun. Have some fun by making your loyalty program exciting and memorable but allows relevant to your personal brand and the needs of your customers or target audience. Give customers a chance to gain incentives occasionally or every time they buy from you. Just be sure there are enough incentives so customers feel offers or legitimate.

Make your reward program personal. Your loyalty program should be personal to the needs of your individual customer. Tailoring your rewards to someone’s specific buying habits can make it that much more effective and show that you care too. 

For example, giving away a free rum-and-raisin ice cream to a customer you don’t use dairy products or drink alcohol will not have much value, you could turn off the customer instead. Segment your customer data to personalize rewards and messages for different customer groups. catering to their individual needs is always good customer service. 

Measure Your Loyalty Program. You need to define what success looks like and how you are going to measure it. Your loyalty program really needs to drive customer retention. Just giving away free things is pointless. You need to know your customer retention rate, this will measure how long customers stay with your business. By measuring the difference in customer retention between program members and non-program members, you can determine if your loyalty program is working.

Create Loyal Customers By Monitoring Your Social Channels

It’s important knowing and understanding what your current customers say about you. You use social media to monitor what customers say about your business and their experience with you.

Try to delight your customers when you listen to their feedback. For example if a customer is in your restaurant a tweets that he or she would like a certain type of dessert it would be delightful if the manage could surprise the customer with the dessert.  

That’s exceeding customer expectations, which we call surprise and delight. This shows that you’re listening and that you care, whether the feedback was positive or negative. 

Make sure you monitor all your key social media channels, this will have to be approached right, you need to understand the social media channel you are using, your personal branding, and how to interact with customers spontaneously. If you are not doing it yourself empower and give authority to the person assigned the task, to make decisions, and a budget if necessary in order to quickly respond.

So Always surprise and delight your current customers to retain them because you are seven times more likely to make a sale with a current customer than a new customer.

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