content strategy

6 ways to help you create a solid content strategy for niche websites in 2021.

content strategy

1. Create irresistible and compelling content

5 Elements of an Irresistible Social Media Call to Action.

2. Create a content format strategy

How to Develop a Content Strategy: A Start-to-Finish Guide. Read article here

3. Publish content on social channels

Easy Social Sharing With KadenceWP + Niche Website Builder
A simple, clean way to add sharing icons to posts, pages and products. It is intentionally simple so there is no share counts or extra API’s to load. Just simple buttons included with every Niche Website Builder account.

Choose the button style that best fits the design of your site.

Place above or below your content or both. Even works with page builder.

Simple to add to your products right below the meta data.

Choose which social sites you want to display as share buttons on your site.

Read our documentation and discover all the plugins we offer on our platform.

4. Grow Your Audience with Crowdfire

So, you’re ready to start spreading the word about yourself Let’s find some relevant people to follow using Crowdfire, just type in the keywords relevant to your business and get the following!

5. Find Content with Quuu

Find relevant content to post. Sign up to Quuu to get suggestions of content that will appeal to your audience and automatically schedule them with Buffer. Also, make sure to do your research on influencers and bloggers in your field and add them to your feed on Feedly for daily reading.

6. Make Content with Grammarly

Let’s check your grammar quickly with Grammarly and if it’s all good then it’s time to add a fresh photo, along with your post.

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