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Starting any kind of ministry or church site and business is challenging. A lot of us seem to fantasize the idea of selling online, offering services and running or ministries and churches online without considering the countless number of unpredictable variables that might determine the very existence of their mission. On this page I will share with you the four biggest challenges most niche website builders face and how our platform can give you the competitive advantage. But Let’s Meet The Founder First

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Orlando Owen

As a Jamaican Entrepreneur, recognizing the importance of the digital space in ministry, business and sharing the gospel, particularly within an environment characterized by physical distancing and curfews. Niche Website Builder is uniquely positioned to help Christian entrepreneurs, churches and ministries thrive.

orlando owen
Jamaican Entrepreneur – Reach Me At (876) 700-7023. This is my avatar fellow me on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp to see what I truly look like.

Now below are four of the biggest challenges of starting and building a thriving online ministry, church or Christian business. Learn how our platform can help you overcome them.

1. Finding the right niche: You cannot compete with the giants that have already established themselves as the go-to solution for thousands, if not millions of loyal customers. Finding a niche market that is small enough to be competitive and yet big enough to be profitable is hard to find in the first place. At Niche Website Builder we integrate keyword tools that gives you multiple keyword variations of your focus keyword, which helps you attract more traffic to your posts and pages.

2. Trying to do everything by yourself: You may be proficient in every aspect of starting an online business – programming, designing, sales, marketing and so forth but you only have 24 hours just like everyone else. If you do not learn to delegate responsibilities, you’ll be spending months without making any real progress. Every website at Niche Website Builder can benefit from Website Care & Maintenance, we have real humans optimizing your site for speed & security daily.

3. Lack of capital: Contrary to popular belief, starting an online business does requires a significant amount of capital – if your are serious about building profitable business – from purchasing a domain and investing in managed hosting to recurring expenses and operating costs. You need a healthy cash flow to keep the business running. Niche Website Builder is an all-in-one platform that saves you hundreds of dollars monthly.

4. Digital Marketing For Niche Websites: Digital marketing is one of the most vital sources of lead generation. There are thousands of new online businesses being established every single day. Competing for a limited digital space to grab the attention of potential customers can be super challenging for online startups. We give you the competitive edge by including a Premium CRM and Marketing Automation Software on all our plans.

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