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6 Tips To Create Loyal Brand Advocates A Build Trust. Create loyal brand advocates for your online business by implementing these 6 tips.

1. Monitor Social Channel Engagement 

We did say before in other articles that, once a customer makes a purchase your interaction with that customer is far from done. Converting your current customers into loyal advocates will help you to generate new qualified leads consistently. Monitoring your social channels and the habits of your customers and engaging them is a good start.

Monitoring social media channels will help you understand which sites your customers prefer and their behavior, such as liking, commenting, or sharing, and when they interact. 

For example; Does your customers visit a certain blog and when? Are they on sites like LinkedIn and interact on those sites during the day or night?

The next step in building loyal advocates of your brand is to engage with customers in real time where they are. Be actively present in relevant ways, so customers see that you have similar interests. 

Brand Advocates
Brand Advocates

2. Be present in the following ways;

Paid ads like google ads or facebook ads

Engage without a budget

  • Answer questions
  • Agree or disagree with comments
  • Respond to complaints
  • Ask them for ideas about new products or a promotion you are offering

Use the insights you receive to improve your offerings and customer experience. Share this information on your website with your customers so they feel heard and respected, and are more likely to advocate your brand. 

  • Here are some more ideas to help you engage with your customers. 
  • Promote to twitter a cause that is important to them 
  • Join LinkedIn and network with professionals in your industry. 
  • like or comment on other people’s posts across channels. 
  • Join conversations on Instagram in real time as they happen

You need to actually interact with people-being present is one thing but you need to be at the next level where you are engaging your target audience and customers in a relevant and focus manner.

3. Amplify followers

People who read reviews actually share them with friends, family, and colleagues when making up their minds to purchase a product or service. Customers actually amplify the impact of those reviews then they share them with thousands of their followers in just a few clicks. When customers have a positive experience with your brand, they can generate leads for your business. How? By tapping into their network of followers who trust and respect their opinions. 

Use these three ways to amplify your followers;

  1. Encourage customers to interact with one another by commenting and endorsing your product or service. Create opportunities where your customers can connect with one another and build on each other’s conversations

For examples;

  • Create a place for reviews and comments on your website. A blog with comments enabled is ideal for this. 
  • Write posts about your business on external blogs so customers can speak about their experiences. 
  • In social media, post information about your business to encourage customers to share reviews and comments.

2. Encourage your customers to share endorsements with their networks. Every one of your customers has their own network of hundreds or thousands of people. And their network trusts their opinions. Think about gaining new leads from each of your current customers’ networks. Here is a few ways to do this;

  • Include really visible social sharing and follow buttons on your website.
  • Tailor your content for sharing
  • Respond frequently to comments and questions with answers designed for sharing.
  • Use visuals, videos and infographics that are interesting and easy to share.
  • Host Twitter chats with incentives for customers to invite a friend.
  • Invite guest bloggers with customers suggesting guests from their network.
  • Promote your endorsements from objective, credible news publications that can be shared.

3. Build a relationships with influencers so they’ll promote your brand.

Who’s an influencer? Someone who’s engaging, has good reach, and many followers. Influencers tend to be active in social channels. They engage their followers with frequent opinions and recommendations, so they can really help amplify your following. Find influencers in your industry. Learn the type of content they like to comment on and then share that content. If you have a niche business, with strict criteria to qualify leads, you might prefer influencers with smaller reach, but more tightly defined followers.

Or if your business has mass appeal, with more flexible criteria to qualify leads, you might prefer influencers with greater reach and less defined followers. Customers and external influencers are terrific sources to promote your business. They can engage with one another and invite people from within their networks to join the conversation.

4. Obtaining referrals

Referral Marketing promotes products or services to new customers through referrals. What was your experiences, when buying something big, like a car, or something you haven’t used before, like a new software program, or a small but personal item. You often ask people you trust for referrals before you buy. If you’re like me, you then search youtube to see what customers think of that product or service before you buy. 

People trust opinions of other people they know well or follow online, social media influencers, or celebrities that’s why referral marketing is so effective. Studies have shown that referrals, editorial content, and consumer online opinions, are trusted marketing and advertising strategies that rank in the top five.

Because the person making the referral knows their network well they are able to do marketing in a targeted way, they already know what they like, what they need and want, and which products or services they are looking for. 

Let’s talk about ways you can create an effective referral marketing program with enticing incentives. 

An Effective Referral Marketing Program Request Referrals From Your Customers. Tell your customers about your program. Promote it consistently across all channels, such as your website, newsletters, emails, and even invoices. When a customer purchases your products and services give them an incentive they can share with friends and family quickly and easily. 

Here are a few examples of incentives you can send your customers after they make purchase; 

  • Send a Coupon Code for them to share, and when a referral makes a purchase, provide them with a discount code for future purchases. 
  • Give reward points to your customers when they write new reviews about your products and offerings
  • An Effective Referral Marketing Program Leverages your Employees. Train your employees about all the business benefits that can be obtained from new leads through the referral program, and how to market your referral program to customers.
  • Give your employee incentives and include bonuses, extra vacation days or recognition at company meetings and external gift card rewards if possible. 

An Effective Referral Marketing Program Creates Strategic Partnerships. They Identify complementary companies to “cross-promote”. Let’s say you own a custom website design business; you might partner and “cross-promote” a web hosting company. 

An Effective Referral Marketing Program Is Mutually Beneficial. The Mutual benefits would include incentives like, sales or profit sharing agreements, mutual discounts for each company’s employees and bartering services. 

Implement these tips as develop your referral marketing program.

  • Track referrals by using  one-time unique codes so you can prevent the same offer from being reused. 
  • Nurture leads through their buying journey by collecting their email addresses through referral links. Make sure to Include the name of the referral  with new leads for credibility. 
  • Test all your incentives to understand which ones are performing the best such as; a 10% versus 20% discount, or reward points versus billing credits.

A referral marketing program with enticing incentives will create loyal advocates, and the opportunity to leverage their networks to generate consistent new leads.

Its easy to create coupon codes and set up affiliates inside Niche Website Builder. Check out these features in our knowledge base here.

5. Obtain spokespeople or testimonials

At 89% customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating in content marketing. 90% of online customers will trust recommendations from online personalities they know. Customers are four times more likely to buy due to testimonials.Why? Testimonials are a credible way to promote your business, it provides positive feedback from satisfied customers, and they connect emotionally with people.

Testimonials are honest experiences from people who actually use your products and services, this makes it easy for others to relate and feel connected to what they are saying. They will often testify of the important benefits of your products and services, highlighting benefits and alternate uses that you may not have notice, promoting this information will attract more leads. 

6. How do you obtain testimonials? 

If your website is using Google Analytics you can find testimonials by using their referral data feature.

Use google analytics to identify visitors, sites, and customers who are linking or refer other people to you. From this list, you will be able to decide your qualified leads. Also, review your social media channels to identify customers who actively share positive opinions or links about your brand or offerings.

From your google analytic referral list identify and invite those people to provide testimonials for you. Your small business will usually be close to your customers and have a personal relationship with them than a large company. Your customers will feel satisfied with their service and provide you with a public testimonial. Larger businesses tend to provide incentives, such as discounts or preferred access. 

And finally, make sure to get written permission from your customers to use their testimonials on your website and social media and in marketing materials, like flyers, or e-mail. Testimonials will create new leads consistently for your business.

Also check out here how Social Proof can be easily implemented on your site.

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