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Digital Evangelism Platform For Adventist Churches And Youth Leaders To Start Ministries.

Our goal is to help churches and our youth leaders reach more people with the three angels’ messages of Christ by providing you with the tools and training needed to do so online using Christ’s Method Alone. “The Lord has appointed the youth to be his helping hand.”—Testimonies for the Church 7:64. MYP 7.2

  • An All-In-One Marketing, Evangelism , Donation & Sales Platform
  • Learn How To Implement Medical Missionary Work Online
  • Get Support You Need To Operate A Ministry/Startup Online
  • Get Access To FREE Digital Evangelism Training

We Help Adventist Youth Leaders Innovate & Thrive

Create A Vibrate Youth Ministry In Your Church. The Possibilities Are Endless For Development & Growth, “Rightly Train Your Army Of Youths”. Let us help your youth ministry efforts with targeted digital evangelism, WordPress site care, and maintenance. If you want to reach out to us just send us a WhatsApp message, read our Knowledge Base or send A email.

The Digital Evangelism Roadmap

The Roadmap courses and lessons will guide you through building an online ministry or self-supporting business. It’s a step-by-step guide that will show you exactly where you are right now and what’s next in your online ministry or business, helping you stay motivated and action-oriented along the way.

  • Learn How To Mingle With Your Target Audience
  • Learn How To Meet The Needs Of Your Audience
  • Learn How To Win the confidence of your audience
  • Learn How To Build A Faithful Following

“With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!”—“Education,” page 271.

Is The Lord Calling You To Become A Modern-Day Adventist Pioneer By Starting A Ministry Or Business?

Ministry of Healing, p. 476. “Every man has his place in the eternal plan of heaven. Whether we fill that place depends upon our own faithfulness in cooperating with God.” 

Ellen Harmon was just 17 years old when she received a vision from God. When she received the vision, she was afraid that no one would listen to her. She even prayed all day that God wouldn’t make her tell others. But God didn’t excuse her, and she related her vision at a prayer meeting where the message was gladly received. That was just the beginning of what God had in store for her. She was young, she was sick, and she was female, but God used her as His prophet.
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Although Kellogg would later leave the Adventist church, Kellogg was 23 years old when he graduated from medical school. Kellogg coined the term sanitarium; advocated low-calorie diets; developed peanut butter, granola, and toasted flakes; warned that smoking caused lung cancer, and was an early advocate of exercise. And those were just a few of his accomplishments–all started as a teenager and young adult.
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
John Nevins Andrews, or J. N. Andrews, was a major leader and evangelist in the Adventist church, and he worked closely with James and Ellen White. By the time Andrews was 26 years old, he discovered, as a theologian, that the two-horned beast of Revelation was the United States of America. He also helped Adventists to understand the Sabbath as reaching from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. Andrews helped organize the Adventist church as a legal organization so the church could obtain legal possession of property. Between the ages of 31 and 35 Andrews chaired the committee that suggested a plan of organization for the church’s publishing house in Battle Creek, Michigan, and lobbied during the Civil War for Adventist draftees to be able to receive noncombatant designation. Later in life he also became one of the church’s first missionaries.
John Nevins Andrews
At the age of 23 Uriah Smith became editor of the Review and Herald (now the Adventist Review) magazine. He faced many financial problems when he started, but managed so well that in a short time the Review and Herald began to flourish and grow. In this job Smith was not only editor, but proofreader, business manager, and bookkeeper, as well. Smith was editor for almost 35 years (not continuously). At the age of 31 he patented an artificial leg with fully flexible knee and ankle joints. He was considered a handsome and charming man. Even though he at one point opposed the idea of righteousness by faith, he never left the church. He later admitted his wrong attitude, and Ellen White never thought of him as unfit for his office. In fact, Ellen White held him and his work in high esteem.

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“We are to repeat the words of the pioneers in our work, who knew what it cost to search for the truth as for hidden treasure, and who labored to lay the foundation of our work.” Review and Herald, May 25, 1905

A Step-By-Step Digital Evangelism Roadmap With Niche Website Builder

Are You A Young Seventh-Day Adventist Or Youth Leader Looking To Launch A Ministry Or Christian Business Online?

Learn How To Select A Niche & Get Started With Your Christian Entrepreneurial Or Ministry Journey Today.

Research to find problems and frustration

Brainstorm and validate Profitable and Sustainable Business Ideas

Create A Detail Customer Avatar

Create A Compelling Business Story

Create A Compelling Business Brand

and much more…

Convert Your Target Audience To Qualified-Leads

Building A Minimum Viable Product: Solve A Burning Pain Or Problem

Test Launch Part 2: Setup A One Template Site

Execute An Official Product Launch

Drive More Traffic To Your Site

and much more…

Iterating Your Product


Transform Your Leads To Customers

Create A Positive Purchase Experience

Become An Authority

Pricing Your Product: A Complete Guide To Value-Based Pricing

Exceed Your Customer’s Expectation

Create Loyal Brand Advocates For Your Business Or Ministry

Optimize and Measure Your Business

Track the monthly and yearly Progress of Your Business in LivePlan

Scale and Grow Your Business

and much more…

This Digital Evangelism Roadmap guides you through every step of your business, from dream to plan to execution, iteration, becoming profitable and self-supporting. Fund local and international ministries,

OR realize your dream of ministering and living among unreached people groups. No matter where you are in your business you’re going to pick up something important from our Roadmap.

  1. Find A “Niche” In Your Area Of Expertise – Base on your Calling & God Given Abilities.
  2. Finance Your Online Ministry or Business – With The Salary You Earn Online
  3. Cater To Your Online Business Or Ministry – With Your Spiritual Gifts.
  4. Look for spiritual seekers – To Start A Study Group With.
  5. Connect with other christian entreprenours – and benefit from personal, cross-cultural, coaching

Become A Young Modern-Day Adventist Pioneer

Start building your ministry Or Christian Business today